Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We Need a Point Guard

Wow! 3 posts in a day. Having watched Tech basketball this year I’ve come to accept the fact that we aren’t going to be good. The team seems just good enough to lose every game on the road by 10 points or less and win most of their home games. This team reminds me a lot of the team from 2 years ago when Jarrett Jack left. Both teams had a bunch of athletic guys who had no one to throw the ball to. Hewitt is using three guys who aren’t natural point guards. So it looks like another year of close losses and ugly wins. Here’s hoping Hewitt gets a point guard in this years recruiting class in the mold of Jarrett Jack and Javaris Crittenton. And if that’s the case, I hope he stays around for a few years (like Jack) and not a one and done (like Crittenton).

Side Note 1: I thought at the time that Crittenton (and for that matter Thaddeus Young) left one year too early. It might be for selfish reasons though because I really feel that we would be a top 10 (maybe even a top 5) team with him (them).

Side Note 2: Tech always beats one highly ranked team they shouldn’t every year. Let’s hope they do that tonight against the Tar Heels. Go Jackets!!

Poop Count 2007

Well here it is. Babar and I have been talking about doing this for a couple of years. On New Year’s 2007 we decided to count all of the poops we made (had?) during the year just to see how many poops an average 20-something year old man makes in a year. Well, Babar dropped out of the race about a week into the experiment, so the only data we have is mine. But because I stuck with it I am declaring my results to be the definitive findings in the field of poop science. I’ll be submitting my report to the Nobel committee later this year.

Total Poops – 447
Poops per Day – 1.22
Poops per Hour – 0.05
Poops per Minute – 0.001
Poops per Second – 0.00001

Bold – Most Poop-filled Month
Italics – Least Poop-filled Month

Monthly Totals
January – 40
February – 34
March – 36
April – 36
May – 40
June – 33
July – 41
August – 40
September – 43
October – 39
November – 33
December – 32 – I was out of town for over a week during this month. I never perform well on the road so that probably explains the lower total.

One of the more satisfying moments during this whole process was a couple of weeks ago when my wife came to the realization that I bought the calendar in our bedroom for the sole purpose of keeping track of my poops.
My Lovely Wife (MLW): “I thought that you were marking how many times you were running each month.”
Me: “No, I do that on a spreadsheet I made at work.”

This is a one time deal though. I can explain counting poops for one year as a science experiment/longest setup to a joke that’s funny to only two people in the world. If I did it more than once I would then become That Guy Who Counts His Poops. I don’t really want to become that guy. I guess that’s why there isn’t more data on the subject of pooping.

New TV Shows

American Gladiators – I was worried about this being terrible and I am happy to say that it’s as good as it was when I watched it as a kid. They brought back all my favorite events, including The Joust, Assault, Power Ball, Pyramid, Wall and Hang Tough. The Eliminator is still great although I don’t remember the contestants being so tired that they couldn’t finish it on the old show. The only event that I don’t like is one of the new ones called Hit and Run. In this event the gladiators throw 100 lb., giant medicine balls at the contestants while they run across a bridge in order to hit a buzzer on either side of the bridge. The problem with the event is that it’s too easy to dodge the balls. They need to get rid of this one.

The show is hosted by Hulk Hogan who I’m convinced is being paid by the brother. He’s really in his element and I couldn’t be happier with him being involved. The other host is Laila Ali and Muhammad Ali is currently rolling over in his grave. (Yes I know he’s not dead but I love the not-dead-yet celebrity/historical figure rolling over in their grave joke.) She’s pretty good though.

My two favorite Gladiators:

Wolf – He’s like a ‘roided up Ted Nugent. Just a lot of fun to watch.
Crush – By far the best looking female Gladiator. She’s also the best as far as the competition goes too.
Honorable mention goes to Titan for being the most-closeted Gladiator on the show.

My least favorite Gladiators:
Mayhem – He’s 6’7” 280 lbs. (or something like that) and he sucks.
Hellga – Although I do like her name, I thought the point of being a Gladiator was to be stronger and more athletic than the competitors. She’s neither. She’s just fat.

So if you haven’t watched it yet (shame on you) I would highly recommend this show to anyone, whether they watched it growing up or not.

Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles – This shows isn’t very good. It's mostly just boring. Nothing really happened in the episode I watched last night and the actress who plays Sarah Connor just isn’t very interesting. She’s no Linda Hamilton

Reaper – Great Pilot. After that it went downhill fast. The love story sucks, the main character (Sam) is boring and the demons aren’t really that interesting. The only good things about the show are Sam’s friends, Ben (played by Rick Gonzalez) and Sock (played by Tyler Labine, doing the best Jack Black impersonation that I’ve ever seen), and the devil himself (played by the great Ray Wise). It’s unfortunate that the rest of the series hasn’t lived up to the pilot. I haven’t given up completely on the show though. I’m going to give it another shot when it comes back on the air after the writers strike.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year Everyone

OK. New year. New commitment to the blog. I hope to get back into the swing of things now that the wedding and the holidays are over. Both went off without any problems but both of them took up all the time I would normally waste writing here.

Anyway, things you can expect to see from me this year.

Restaurant Reviews
Book Reviews
Coverage of Georgia Tech Basketball
Poop Counts
Video Game Reviews
And other stuff I come up with

Sunday, December 16, 2007


I am one lazy bastard. The holiday season is busy. My colleague fights the same traits, plus he just got married.
I love posting nonsense in this space, and I plan to again after the new year.
But for now, I feel the need to do SOMETHING with this little corner of the web. So I decided to cop out and publish this apology for my laziness.
Happy Holidays to all...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bad Company makes death sound kinda nice

"Johnny's life passed him by like a warm summer day."
-Bad Company, "Shooting Star"

Doesn't exactly make me want to shed a tear for Johnny.

It might be the most peculiar death reference in rock. The only one I can immediately think of that compares in terms of weirdness is David Lowery asking if he could take his gun to heaven, noting, "I'd check it with St. Peter at the gate."

Separated at Birth, Rock icon v. MTV dumbass

Van Morrison, circa 1966

Ashley, the crazy West Virginian on Shot of Love with Tila Tequila (a show I totally watch)